Anesthesia Department


Anesthesia department was established in 2015, and it is located at District Hospital Building , OT Complex, 2nd floor, Main Road, Chandrapur.


• Anaesthesia means reversible loss of sensation and can be divided into Regional Anaesthesia (blockade of nerve transmission) or General Anaesthesia (a reversible state of unconsciousness).

• General Anaesthesia often comprises a triad of hypnosis, analgesia and muscle relaxation.

• General Anaesthesia can be divided into three stages: induction, maintenance and emergence.

• Under General Anaesthesia airway tone and reflexes are lost and the airway must be maintained with manual manoeuvres, adjuncts (Guedel, laryngeal mask airways) or definitive devices which also protect the airway from regurgitation and aspiration (e.g. endotracheal tubes).

• General Anaesthesia leads to multi-system physiological changes particularly at induction and emergence.

• Other aspects of perioperative care central to anaesthetic practice include thermal homeostasis, fluid balance, positioning, avoidance of awareness, analgesia and patient safety.

• In Regional Anaesthesia, nerve transmission is blocked, and the patient may stay awake or be sedated or anaesthetized during a procedure. Techniques used include:
o Central Neuroaxial Blocks ( Spinal / Epidural / Caudal Anaesthesia) o Local Anaesthetic field block
o Peripheral Nerve Block


- Our mission is to introduce our subject to the Under-Graduates & its importance.

- During there curriculum they should learn the basics of life supporting measures, for eg. BLS , CPR, Bag & Ventilation, how to secure Airway & Intravenous lines, Laryngoscopy & Endotracheal Intubation.

- Further we can teach them various modalities of Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic Drugs, Machines & Equipments, ALS, Defibrillators & Ventilators.


- In near future we are planning to start Post Graduate Degree and Diploma courses for medical students and Medicolegal CME programme for Medical officer as well as Undergraduates.

- We are planning to carry out academic sessions like Journal presentations, Case presentations, Seminars.

Facilities and Infrastructure

- 3 Well equipped Major OT with Boyle’s Apparatus.

- Well equipped Monitors

- 1 Minor OT

- 1 Septic OT

- Central Oxygen & Central Suction

- SICU with Ventilator

- Pre Anesthesia Check Up room

- Recovery room

- Autoclave Room.

- ETO Sterilizer

- Waiting Area for Patients

- Department Room

- Duty Doctor Room

Future Plans

With the active cooperation of our respected Dean & with inter departmental coordination this department proposes

- To establish a Modular Operation Theatre

- To establish modular anaesthesia equipments & modern day anaesthesia machine with in built ventilators.

- To establish Anaesthesia Museum

- To start posts for post graduates.

- Carry out rare cases documentation & demonstration.

- Telemedicine


Courses Conducted

Level of Graduation Faculty No. of Students Affiliated University
Under Graduate MBBS 100 to 150 MUHS


- Yearly we perform nearly 6500 surgeries in Our Hospital.

- Our routine list comprises of Obstretics & Gynaecological surgeries, General Surgeries, Orthopaedic & Trauma surgeries.

- LSCS rate is nearly 3000 per year.

- Specialized surgeries include Maxilofacial surgeries, ENT cases, Thyroidectomy, Breast surgeries, Laproscopic surgeries, Urological surgeries.

- We routinely carry out School health camps which include Paediatric surgeries for Congenital Hernia, Hydrocele, Phimosis.

- Neonatal Surgeries have developed in this department with time. We now regularly carry out Tracheo-esophageal fistula surgeries, Intestinal Obstuction, Ano-rectal Anomolies.

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Amol Thakare

Associate Professor

Qualification : MBBS, MD

Dr. Rajesh Nagmothe

Associate Professor

Qualification : MBBS, MD

DR. Kiran Janwe

Assistant Professor

Qualification : MBBS, DNB

Dr. Trupti Belekar

Assistant Professor

Qualification : MBBS, MD

Dr.Poonam Pandit

Senior Resident

Qualification : MBBS, MD

Dr. Sonal Manik Chavhan

Senior Resident

Qualification : MBBS, MD

Dr. Dimpal Ullewar

Senior Resident

Qualification : Diploma in Anaesthesia

Dr. Praveena Tekam

Junior Resident

Qualification : M.B.B.S