College Committees

Anti ragging committee

Anti ragging committee established for 1st year MBBS students is as follows

Sr. No. Member Of Committee Name Contact No.
1 Dean / Principal Dr. More S.S. 9890265890
2 Representative of civil administration Mr.Ghanshyam Bhugaokar (Residential Deputy Collector) 9405999333
3 Representative of Police Administration Mr.Shekhar Deshmukh ( DYSP, Headquarter) 7888057755
4 Representative of local media Mr. Ravi Junarkar 9423117394
5 Representative of NGO involved in youth activity Shri Sanjay Vaidya 9890513847
6 Faculty Representative

Dr. Shruti Mamidwar, Associate Prof.
Dr. Avinash Tekade, Prof. & HOD
Dr. Shrikant Masram, Prof. & HOD
Dr. M.M.Bende, Prof. & HOD
Dr. S.B. Jambulkar, Associate Prof
Dr. Rajendra Surpam, Prof. & HOD
Dr. Shashikant Dhoble, Assistant Prof.
Dr. Arun Humne, Prof. & HOD
Dr. Sachin Dhagadi, Assistant Prof.
Dr. Ashok Gajbhiye, Prof. & HOD
Dr. Devendra Mahore, Prof. & HOD
Dr. Dipti Shrirame, Assistant Prof.

7 Chief Wardan Dr. Nilesh Mangam 9922432529
8 Assistant Wardan - Boys Hostel Dr. Shashikant Dhoble 9422761165
9 Assistant Wardan - Girls Hostel Dr. Shital Dhoble 9422761350
10 Administrative Officer / Office Superintendent Mr. Nandanwar S. 9623553893
11 Parents : - Harish Gandhewar
Vijay Take
12 Representative of Non – Teaching Staff Member Mr. Ashok Ingole
Mr. Chaturdas Patil
13 Student Representative :-
Fresher :-
Senior :-

Shri. Harshal Ganvir
Shri . Pritam Wanve


Medical Ethics Committee

As per the Medical council of India norms, constitution of institutional ethics is mandatory as per the guidelines of I. C. M. R. New Delhi-1998. The function of the Instituional Ethics Committee is to scrutinise & approve the research protocols, likely to be submited by the teaching staff and I. C. M. R. projects by under graduate students.

Sr. No. Member Of Committee Name Designation
1 Chairman Dr. Ashok B. Bhukte. Senior Surgeon Ex. President I.M.A., Branch Chandrapur
2 Member Secretary Dr. M.M. Bende Prof & Head, Dept of Pharmacology
3 Member Dr. Rajendra B. Surpam Prof & Head, Dept of Microbiology
4 Basic Medical Scientist Dr. Chetna A. Shamkuwar Associate Professor, Dept of Pharmacology
5 Clinician Dr. Amol H. Dube Associate Professor, Dept of Medicine
6 Legal Expert Adv.Mrs Sandhya A. Musale Social Activist & the member of N.G.O. at Chandrapur
7 Basic Medical Scientist Adv. Mrs. Sujata S. Dubey Legal advisor /Legal practitioner Chandrapur.
8 Lay Person Ms.Sonali P.Shende House wife

Gender Harassment Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation Status in committee
1 Dr. Chetana Shamkuwar Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology Chair Person
2 DR. Sarika Thakare Associate Professor, Dept.of OBGY Member
3 Dr. Shruti Mamidwar Associate Professor. Dept. of Anatomy Member
4 Dr. Sarita Durge Assistant Professor, Dept. of Surgery Member
5 Dr.Sheetal Dhoble Assistant Professor, Dept. of PSM Member
6 Smt. Sujata S. Dubey Advocate Member
7 Smt. Anushri Dahegaokar Social Activities Member, (NGO). Member
8 Dr. Shrikant Masram Professor, Dept. Of Biochemistry & Medical Superintendent Member
9 Dr. Sachin Dhagadi Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine Member
10 Smt. Maya Atram Matron Member
11 Smt. Sheetal Sahare Assistant Librarian Member

Animal Ethics Committee

Sr. No. Name Committee Designation Post at Committee
1 Dr. S.S. More Dean,GMCH,Chandrapur Chairman
2 Dr. C. A. Shamkuwar Asso. Prof.,Dept. of Pharmacology, GMCH, Chandrapur Member Secretary
3 Dr. Tarkeshwar Godghate Prof.&Head, Dept. of Anatomy, GMCH, Chandrapur Member
4 Dr. Rajendra Surpam Prof.&Head, Dept. of Microbiology, GMCH, Chandrapur Member
5 Dr. Arun Humne Professor & Head, Dept. of P.S.M., GMCH, Chandrapur Member
6 Shri. Satish Kosalge Principal Hi-Tech College of Pharmacy, Chandrapur Member (your letter dated 14.01.2016)
5 Dr. Praveer Damle Livestock Development Officer, Chandrapur (Veterinary Surgeon) Member (Vide Your Concent dt. 14.01.2016

College Council

Held each Wednesday in the college council hall and member of College council are as follows.

Sr. No. Name Status in the Council
1 Dr. S.S.More Dean
2 Dr.B.B.Bhadke Prof. & HOD, Dept. of TB & CHEST
3 Dr. Rajendra Surpam Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Microbiology
4 Dr.Imran Ali Shivji Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Psychiatry
5 Dr. D.G. Kumre Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Ophthalmology
6 Dr. Avinash Tekade Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Physiology
7 Dr. Nilesh Tumram Prof. & HOD, Dept. of FMT
8 Dr. Milind Phulpatil Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Anatomy
9 Dr. Shrikant Masram Associate Prof.,Dept of Biochemistry
10 Dr. M.M. Bende Prof. & HOD., Dept. of Pharmacology
11 Dr. S.B. Jambulkar Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology
12 Dr. Prabhakar Hiwarkar Prof. & HOD., Dept. of PSM
13 Dr. Baba Yelke Prof. & HOD.,Dept . of Medicine
14 Dr. Dharmendra Mishra Assistant Prof.,Dept. of Skin & VD
15 Dr. M.J. Khan Prof. & HOD.,Dept . of Paediatrics
16 Dr. Saniav Ghate Prof. & HOD.,Dept . of Surgery
17 Dr. W.M. Gadegone Prof. & HOD.,Dept . of Orthopaedics
18 Dr. Devendra Mahore Senior Resident, Dept. of ENT
19 Dr. Rohit Chavan Associate Professor, Dept. of OBGY
20 Dr. Lulu Fatema Wali Associate Professor , Dept. of Anaesthesiology
21 Dr. Purnachandra Lamghare Associate Professor , Dept. of Radiology
22 Dr. Rizvan Ali Shivji Prof. & HOD., Dept. of Dentistry
23 Shri. S.V. Rathod Chief Administrative Officer
24 Smt. Maya Atram Matron
25 Smt. Sheetal Sahare Assistant Librarian

Student Council

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Aditya S.Upadhyay General
2 Nikhil Londhe Cultural Secretary
3 Ajinkya kadu Sports Secretary
4 Vrushali Wankhede Academic secretary
5 Shreya Kumbhare Ladies Representative
6 Lalkrishna Mulwani Class Representative
7 Chinmay Keshwani Magazine Secretary
8 Shradha Gajbhiye Asst. Sports Secretary
9 Shriram Kahale Asst. Academic Secretary
10 Nikita Saboo Treasurer